Army Of Me

I believe in songs and I believe in communication." says Army Of Me singer Vince Scheuerman. It's simple, and it's evident in the music of Army Of Me. It's all about the songs.

It’s more reminiscent of early Oasis or The Verve, and R.E.M than quirkily trendy indie pop, as Army of Me continues to build from their humble Washington DC indie roots.
"We are trying to be one of the best bands you will ever see", said lead singer Vince Scheuerman during an interview with Alternative Press magazine (June 2005). Army of Me had just been named one of the top unsigned bands in America by the influential rock magazine, and the article started a barrage of label interest for the Washington DC based band. This came after several years of DIY touring and a string of self released albums and EPs. The album CITIZEN, released April 10, 2007, represents growth and a new chapter for the band. With an ambitious sound, the lyrics deal with desire and personal growth in “Perfect”, uncertainty and change in “Going Through Changes”, and rebirth and hope in “Rise” – a song inspired by the tsunami of Dec.
26, 2005; just three of the albums 12 tracks. “It’s a very human record”, says Scheuerman.
In support of CITIZEN, Army Of Me toured heavily, often supporting major bands, some of which include Dave Matthews Band, Switchfoot, OAR, The Used, Blue October, and The Almost. Several radio stations throughout the country, including KROQ in LA, DC101 in Washington DC, KNRK in Portland, KITS in San Francisco, 91X in San Diego added the band's single "Going Through Changes". MTV put the video on rotation.
The band is set to release a new EP titled "Make Yourself Naked" in Fall of 2009.