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  • Los Angeles Headquarters (310) 441-8600
  • New York Office (212) 275-2000
  • Nashville Office (615) 733-1880

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Head of Synchronization

  • Ron Broitman EVP, Head of Synchronization
  • Paton Moody Executive Assistant

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Film & TV: Creative

  • Wendy Christiansen SVP, Film & Television
  • Millie Hsyu Sr. Director, Film & Television
  • Chris Hogenson Director, Film & Television
  • Jeremy Volk Director, Film & Television
  • Jessica Cutri Manager, Film & Television
  • Talia Rubino Manager,Film & Television
  • Brain Bonwell Manager,Film & Television
  • Oren Tishman Coordinator,Film & Television
  • Katie Pool Coordinator,Film & Television

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Film & TV: Licensing

  • Pat Woods SVP, Licensing
  • Robert Fukuyama Sr. Director, Licensing
  • Mitch Morgan Director, Licensing
  • Thuy Lam Manager, Licensing
  • Ana Chan Manager, Licensing
  • Laura Masseria Manager, Licensing
  • Sally Chung Manager, Licensing
  • Devin Penzella Manager, Licensing
  • Nicolle Bate Manager, Licensing
  • Merrian Malubay Manager, Licensing
  • David Costa Manager, Licensing
  • Sarah Brockman Manager, Licensing
  • John Aish Manager, Licensing
  • Rachel Marder manager, Licensing
  • Andrew Ludwick Sr. Coordinator, Licensing
  • Chris Hires Sr. Coordinator, Licensing
  • Rachel Dellefield Coordinator, Licensing

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Ads / Games / Merch

  • Dave Pettigrew SVP, Strategic Marketing
  • Cyndi Goretski VP, Commercial Sync Licensing
  • Sean Condon VP, Strategic Marketing
  • Frank Di Minno Director, Strategic Marketing
  • Hiro Kinuta Manager, Strategic Marketing

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Games / Merch / Sports

  • David Costa Manager, Sync Business Development
  • Sarah Brockman Manager, Consumer Products/Business

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Licensing Inquiries

For all miscellaneous licensing inquiries, please contact Film & TV: Licensing.